Thursday, May 03, 2007

For Heather


Dear Heavenly Father,

Today we lift up your daughter Heather to you. Keep her safe and not afraid. Comfort her family as they wait. Guide the doctors and nurses. Have all the machinery working properly. Let there be a feeling of recovery and optimism surrounding her. She has taught us to praise You through all, to see everything as Your gift and to not be frightened as You are always with us.

Give peace especially to her children. They are young. They want her and need her. Send them others to comfort and reassure them until their mother and father and grandparents return to them.

We give thanks always for You, our creator, the one who loves us more than we can comprehend.

Dearest Heather. I pray that You do not leave her side, not even for a second.

In Jesus name I pray,


ps: Kelli - I couldn't commit to a time, I knew I'd be praying all day long :)


Barb said...

Same here. I'm praying every hour on the hour.

Barb said...

Hi Sandy,

I'm leaving a comment here because for some reason, there is no comment on your Random Seven Meme post.

Thanks for tagging me for this one. I was tagged by another person but that doesn't matter. I'll mention I was tagged by both of you. I probably won't get to this for a day or so but I do plan to do it.

I loved your random things. Personally, I don't think it's strange that you still check on your daughters. If I could do it without upsetting my son-in-law, I'd run down and check on Krissy every night, too. LOL It's a Mom thing.

How awful that you can't smell. I think cooking would be a huge challenge with no sense of smell. Does your not being able to smell also affect your being able to taste things? What a shame. I admire you for becoming a better cook with that obstacle.

Thanks again for the tag - I'll let you know when I get my post done.