Monday, August 28, 2006

Why I Chose My Blog Name

A Chelsea Morning wants to know why our blogging names are our blogging names. Great question since I wonder that myself.

Last Christmas I went to a craft fair (one of many) and one of the booths featured sayings painted on pieces of wood. Such a basic idea that I couldn't believe I was going to spend money on it...but I loved "Because Nice Matters"...because it does, it really does. I just stood there and stared at it thinking how over-used the word "nice" is, but how it's still important, and sometimes it is the word you are looking for.

So, I bought the banner and hung it over my kitchen door where everyone who enters my house sees it (and comments on it) and we who live here see it many times a day...and it's my secret hope that it will (unconsciously) get permanently lodged in our brains.

That's all folks :)


Saturday, August 26, 2006

Learning the lessons...again.

Ever have one of those days you end up feeling like such a rotten human being that your arms and legs are scraped and sore from you trying to crawl under the nearest rock!

Today was one of those days. Learning lessons over again that obviously haven't stuck very well even though I think I'm such a smartie-pants because I'm all grown-up and all that!

Today I RE-learned that I'm never too old to be a spoiled, selfish brat and that my mother is a person as well as my mother, and that I need to still be respectful to her even though I'm such a big-shot at 40!

Over the summer, my sister was home for about 5 weeks (that never happens) and we had a wonderful time joining forces and backing each other up and generally having a great time enjoying our mutual adoration club status. It's nice to be friends with my sister. It wasn't like that for the first 26 years of "us" and sometimes I feel like we're making up for lost time.

In particular, we were very opinionated in how to raise children (they are our own afterall) and how to inter-relate with all the other members of our family and friends, what behavior is appropriate and generally know all the answers to all the questions, just ask us!

Now, even though that may be true :), it doesn't discount the knowledge and experience of the older members of our family...our mother... and that she may actually have a point or an opinion or just deserve the opportunity to voice another perspective.

And, even though we may not agree with that different voice, it is still worthy of respect. Sometimes it's all in the delivery you know? Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean you can be smarmy or snotty about it.

In the end, I found out today that some of our comments hurt our mother's feelings terribly and that she felt very gained up on. She even cried. Is there anything worse than hearing your mother cry because you were careless and didn't treat her and her point of view with love? Even if you don't agree, there must always be a way to treat others with love.

"Love one another as I have loved you."

Even though she is over it and forgave me, I think it will be awhile before I get over it - as it should be I suppose.

So, as I'm skulking around for the next few days, trying to be as inconspicuous as possible and trying to look before I leap...I mean speak, I can only hope that I'll be able to suffer through my hurt feelings from my own child (when that happens and I'm sure it will) as graciously as my Mom did.

Sometimes it boggles my mind how mean we can be to the people we love the most and who love us the most. Mind boggling!


NB...after this post I went to mass and guess what the second reading was about..."Love one another..." Kinda goose-bumpy!


So I haven't been doing too well on my blog. I have been reading others avidly and sometimes commenting, always wishing I was blogging too, but can't really find anything to say.

Then I read Lisa Whelchel's journal entry on blogging and how it can be a record for myself or my family. I don't imagine my family's too interested, but I think I am interested.

We have had an extremely busy summer and I have to go grocery shopping today and start the laundry catch-up, but I think tomorrow I will start again.

10 more days of summer vacation - the kids are getting sad :)


Monday, August 07, 2006

Because Nice Matters

I thought I should 'fess up to the name of my blog. So many people have commented on it, and although I'm glad people like the saying as much as I do, I actually found it at a craft sale. At Christmas time we have loads of craft sales and there was this one smaller stall that had plain boards with sayings painted on them. I felt foolish buying it since if I had half a brain I could have done it myself but I didn't want to blatantly copy it - not since I have it hanging over the entrance to my kitchen and I would see it a million times a day and be reminded of my forgery! So there it is. I really like it and I really do think it's important and true. And I'm glad you do too!

I continue to pray for baby Addison and her family and send prayers of thanksgiving for all you who are praying as well. It's amazing that we can all be so directed to the same prayer causes - God can't help but hear us :)!

Check out Boomama's site - she's asking some great questions and she'll have you thinking for a while. Make sure you check out all the comments, people are great at responding.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Celiac Disease

I have Celiac Disease - as do a lot of people. This is when a person has an intolerance to gluten - which is found in wheat flour, barley, malt, hydrolyzed plant and veg protein, etc. It attacks and inflames the villi in the small intestine, causing malabsorption of vitamins and minerals and has many yucky visible and invisible side effects. And it doesn't help my Irritable Bowel Syndrome much either :)

ANYWAY... in my experience (15 years) I have come across two types of Celiacs: people who are celiacs and people who happen to have celiac disease as part of their make-up in life.

The first group are bound to it and let it run their lives. The second group lives with it and tries not to let it run our lives (which is difficult once you think about the 4 main food groups we are supposed to eat - now are you getting my addiction to candy/chocolate - it has become a food group!).

I am part of the second group. It's annoying and a pain but so are a lot of other things. And a gluten-free diet for life isn't all that bad - it's actually pretty healthy - just very restrictive and boring and not conducive at all to pub food.

So I wanted to let this out about me in case there are others who want to talk or share or have questions or just want to vent. I know the dietary guidelines vary somewhat country to country, but the gist of it is the same.


Friday, August 04, 2006

For chocolate?!

Two days ago my sister and my niece and nephew finished their holiday with us and left to return to Montreal. We had a great visit - so great that she decided to stay two weeks longer than planned. So we had more time to play. What did we do you ask - we went to the local chocolate factory outlet store. No, I didn't say heaven on earth, but I understand the confusion :)

You seem, here in my end of Canada, we are home to the Pot of Gold chocolate factory (it's actually named Moirs, owned by Hersey, but Pot of Gold is the important point). And they have an outlet store!! I had never been there myself in person, althought I have an aunt who shops there regularly (yah!). I knew once I started going, I would never stop. However, going with my sister would be an adventure, so off we went.

It's not very big and pretty sparsley decorated, but who is looking at the walls. The cashier looked pretty happy (who wouldn't be working there) and I asked how it was she didn't weigh 500 pounds working there. She said she had just started working there and to check in with her in a month to test the scales :)

There were rows and rows of boxes of chocolates: 5 lbs, 10 lbs, nuts only, mint only, whatever you want. The best was the row on the side that had bags of each type of candy that was in the box of Pot of Gold, so you could buy bags of your favorite pieces and not have to eat (out of obligation of course) the less than stellar pieces. They had 10 marshmellow snowman (yes they're getting ready for Christmas) for $1.50! So we had a ball and came out with bags of treats that would last at least until the end of the summer!

When we got home, we put them in the vegetable crisper (it was conveniently empty) to keep them cool in the fridge. They have a 13 month shelf life but it was so hot, we didn't want bagged balls of chocolate goo. This is the important part - the veggie crisper.

A couple days later it was time for her to go. Since I was going to be leaving the house first to take M to her swimming lesson I put a post-it on my sister's purse to NOT forget the chocolate. I figured this was a good idea, because we wouldn't be thinking veggie crisper while we were having our teary good-byes. Off I go.

We get home from swimming and I head straight for the fridge for something to drink. I am drawn to the crisper and lo and behold, there is the chocolate bag!! I can't believe it. M can't believe it and neither can my Mom, who happens to be there as well. Head straight for the phone to call her. She has only been on the road an hour maybe two, if she turns back and we head out, we can meet half way and deliver the treasure. Cell phone dead - oh yeah, we forgot to charge it before she left. So, I said what any other perfectly sane choclaholic would have said...ROAD TRIP. It would take my sister two days to drive to Montreal and her overnight stop was only 6 hours from my house! We couldn't mail or ship the chocolate to her, it would melt...right!!! So, I called my Dad to tell him that my Mom was coming with me (she was to afraid to call)...he said "you're kidding right - for chocolate?!" I said of course for chocolate! When I called my husband, he didn't say anything except "for chocolate?" M said if it was a laptop he'd totally understand!!!

Off we went and drove 6 hours to Woodstock. They were astonished. I had called my brother-in-law (he keeps his cell phone charged) to tell him we were coming and he guessed it..."for chocolate?" Men!! M had a quick dip in the pool and we said our FINAL good-byes and off we went to our hotel. Unfortunately theirs was booked and we had to go elsewhere but that was OK. The next day M, Mom and I had a great day, in Fredericton, even did some Christmas shopping (the trip wasn't totally crazy) and enjoyed the ride home. It was so much fun.

M said " I can't believe we drove 6 hours for chocolate". I explained we didn't really do it for chocolate, we did it to eek out one last good-bye to family we may not see again for months and months.

Now we have a great memory and I have a great story to tell - I just have to be careful who I tell it to, otherwise, all I get is..."for chocolate?"


PS My nephew put my sister's purse in the truck and that's why she didn't see it :)