Friday, January 19, 2007

January Monsoon Season

This past Wednesday my weekly bible study group started up again from our "Christmas vacation". We are studying the book of Acts. We were talking about "how do you know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit?". I spoke up and briefly told the story of Kelli and how hundreds of people were filled with the Holy Spirit and how thousands of dollars were raised. It was so great to share the story.

It is monsoon season here in Atlantic Canada. We are somewhat obsessed with the weather here since if you blink it will change and we're never really sure what the change will be. Five days ago we had a snow storm, schools closed, etc. and then we settled into an unreal deep-freeze (-33'(c) with the wind-shield).

My daughter said "you know Mom, I've never really seen my breath INSIDE the car".

Now it is like a spring monsoon. A huge rain storm with terrible winds and spring like temperatures. We would be buried for days if this was snow so I am NOT complaining - you don't have to shovel rain. But it is so hard to predict the next few hours of the day, you never know what to wear!

It's been a long week. My sprained foot isn't healing and my IBS is acting up - I think it's the stress from my foot. It was so amazing to be part of the Kelli Campaign. And as much as I never want any children to be ill, I was glad of the opportunity to pray for my "blogger babies": Emma Grace and Ashley and their families. Reading those stories from the sidelines show me what real hardship and sacrifice and faith are and help to keep me focussed.

Our church seems to be in a bit of a rut (my personal opinion) and it's hard to stay motivated when we're on the brink of big changes and no one seems to care (at least care enough to attend the meetings).

I loved Barb's and Sarah's posts about reading, books and libraries. I feel a kindred spiritness with those in love with the written word. Titles came back to me: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Enid Blyton books, Anne of Green Gables (my grandmother read the first few chapters as they were a bit hard and she persevered until I read it on my own), the Drina series, Highlights magazine, Nancy Drew (I still have the hardcover set I got through the mail), Humpty Dumpty magazine (my first magazine subscription), and more and more. I spent my childhood with a nose in a book and loved every minute of it. My Mom and Dad both read constantly and I loved being in that environment. When my baby was born, books was the one luxury I never even thought about. I really feel that all children should have their own personal library. I lived in the book section of Costco - still do but now just the adult section. And now I'm happy to say the Chapters is in the top five of favorite outings.

I saw DreamGirls last weekend. Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy stole the show!

I guess I'm all over the place.

Enjoy the weekend and don't forget the blogger babies.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Don't Forget

Today is Kelli's day - don't forget :)


Monday, January 15, 2007

The Snowman in a Box

It came. I think it really did. And I think it's going to stay.


It snowed, I shoveled, the snow stayed and more is in the forecast (not much more but some).

January 15th. I can't believe it.

Consequently, we have all turned into a bunch of snowbabies. I mean when I was a kid 10 cm (4 inches for the Americans) didn't even fall on the radar. Nobody even thought about it. Now, "a heavy snowfall warning is in effect". I went through the drive-thru at Tim Hortons to get the coffee and one gigantic city snow-plow and at least three local buddies with the plows on the front of their trucks were just sitting there. Are they waiting for it? It's like they're desperate for it :) Although I do know a lot of people count on the snow for a winter-income but snow-removal is seasonal, you've got to have a back-up plan, don't you?

So, just in case the weatherman is right (what are the odds of that?) I zipped out and got milk and bread and veggies in case it does get nasty. Snow is easy, it's the freezing rain and rain and wonky temperatures and people with no snow tires that make it tricky.

And, I can't believe I'm saying it, but wouldn't it be nice if the kids were "stuck home" for a snowday. They would love it.

My daughter got "a snowman in a box" for Christmas and it's been on the counter ever since it was unwrapped. It's such a cute idea. There is a black, felt hat, red scarf, buttons, eyes, mouth and pipe - all we need is the snow. Personally, I was hoping that it would never be opened, but really, how far can I stretch global warming?

So, the skiers and snowboarders are happy, and we found our shovels and snowboots. And the best part - the temperature is supposed to be back up to 9'(c), that's about 48'f and if it's sunny, it will melt away...:)


PS It's snowing now so it looks like the weatherman was right - he probably needs that confidence boost :)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mother Mary

(Keep in mind my Mom and I are going through a bit of a "patch").

So, I'm at mass tonight. Things are getting started and I'm looking around. We have a statue of Mary in the back corner of our church. When I was thinking about becoming a Catholic, the whole "praying to Mary" thing freaked me out quite a bit (as did having statues in church - good Baptist that I was - that's another post). But now, I see Mary quite differently and have a lot more respect for the Mother of our Lord. So I'm looking at her, seeing that someone has put some fresh flowers near her. Someone must have been asking for her intercessory prayers, I think. Then I start to contemplate Mary as a "mother" and what kind of a mother was she. She was probably perfect and never tried to control her son, right. Never budded in. Etc, etc. Then I remember the story of the Wedding at Canaan. How Jesus felt it wasn't time for His ministry to start but how she knew better and gave Him a nudge AND how He LISTENED and performed His first miracle. How He respected her and considered her opinion.

Right, right. I'm getting it. Patience Sandy. Honour thy Mother. Okay, okay.

Moving along through mass and it's time for the gospel reading - THE WEDDING IN CANAAN.

Was that a brick that just fell on my head? Oh, wait. It's just THE WORD OF GOD speaking directly to me.

Man, it freaks me out when that happens.


Thursday, January 11, 2007


One thing I really like about blogging is that it helps me to keep things in perspective.

On Dec. 20th I ripped all the ligaments in my left foot. Aside from the incredible timing of this little event (and my own version of a Christmas carol I sang out into the night it happened if you get my meaning...), I have now seen that there is no point in any after-Christmas shoe sales since my foot is swollen and I have no idea when it will return to regular size - and it better return. So, here's me, someone who loves shoes and boots. Someone who regular wears the same ones over and over, but really like shoes: new, clean, sleek, shiny shoes. Poor me. I moan, lament, pout a bit - I mean I know it's not really tragic and my husband is openly happy, but I like shoes, what can I say.

So then I am cruising around bloggetyville, making my usual stops and park for a bit over at BooMama's.

And I read about Kelli.

Kelli wants something too. She's praying and directly asking God for it. She wants it bad. So bad, that I want it for her.

She wants to live.

Now that's perspective.

Kelli needs a kidney transplant. She is coping with the medical, financial and family stresses of an impending major surgery that she has to have. She has to have it. She is not ready to leave this earth. She has a husband and two teenagers that need and love her and she wants to live.

BooMama has set up a link for January 16 for anyone to help contribute financially. As always prayers are needed.

I'm not so good with links but I hope I get them right, so if anyone is reading this and wants the information, you can find it.

Kelli has got her priorities straight. And she adjusted my perspective - thanks for that.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

My Year-Long Nativity Scene

So, at Barb's (Chelsea Morning) she's talked about keeping her Nativity Set up all year long. I thought that was a great idea. I had a beautiful Christmas card of the Nativity that I kept on my windowsill all year long last year. But this year I hunted for one I could place on the ledge permanently. See what I found, and at half price, only $4.00. I couldn't believe it - it fits perfectly. I'm so happy.

Then, I thought of a great idea of what to do with old Christmas cards. I hate throwing them out, especially when they are beautiful ones of the Nativity or snowmen. So this year I cut the backs off and will use the fronts for bookmarks. I'm always reading several books at one time and always need a few for my bible (card fronts are nice and flat) so I thought these would do the trick. I even thought I could write the person's name on the back of the front (are you following me:) so I could remember who took the time to send me such a lovely card.

It was just one of those days, everything clicking away. Lots of little, annoying jobs done. Hubby cleaned up his workroom, we put all the Christmas boxes away and cleaned out that storage closet, printed off the Christmas pictures for scrapbookking, vacuumed the family room and straightened it up, took three bags to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, tidied up the living room, dining room and kitchen, etc., etc. We even went grocery shopping yesterday. We feel so accomplished!!

Bring on Monday - we are so ready!


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Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Want to Be A Wise Man

Today is Little Christmas or Epiphany - the celebration of when the Magi came to visit the Christ child. I learned a couple of things at mass today and I thought I'd share.

First of all, did you notice it doesn't say there are "three" wise men in the scriptures - only three gifts. We have just assumed there were three men. I never knew that.

My priest was talking about how "Christmas is over". How people are tired and ready for regular life to start again. How after this weekend, even the church calendar goes back to "ordinary times". He reminded us that the "temporary nature" of Christmas may fuel a temporary attitude towards God's gift to us - His only son. And that we are called to remember His (Christmas) gift to us throughout the year. That His gift was "made flesh and dwelt among us". It wasn't a temporary or seasonal gift. It was a gift that should last all year long, all life long. A gift that lives on even today, 2000 years later, and He is as real and present now as He was that first Christmas. I never really thought of it that way.

We sang "The First Noel". Our priest is very particular about singing Advent songs during Advent (ie: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel) and Christmas carols during Christmas.

...sing, sing, sing and...

They looked up and saw a star
Shining in the East beyond them far
And to the earth it gave great light
And so it continued both day and night.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

And by the light of that same star
Three Wise men came from country far
To seek for a King was their intent
And to follow the star wherever it went.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

To follow the star wherever it went. That really struck a chord with me tonight. If you saw "The Nativity" movie you'll know the scene when the Magi are talking about how many days they have "wandered" (over a hundred). Imagine, wandering around, following a star - I can hardly find the North Star on a regular basis, taking however long it was going to take. And they weren't even Jewish. Jesus wasn't even going to be their King. I mean, I know He was going to be their King, but you know what I am saying.

I guess we are like the wise men - although I shudder at the "wise" bit with regards to myself. Following God's word (like a star) wherever it goes - cause there ain't no road map! I was going to say "ain't no instruction manual", but I guess there is...the bible.

I think I'm going to need a new camel.


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Can't Believe It's All Over

So, I'm a little behind on the blogging bit. Just got back a few days ago from holidaying with my extended family. Stressful as expected but I loved seeing my sister and my niece and nephew. Kids grow so fast and every time I see them I am reminded about how much I have missed. But they are turning into wonderful pre-teens, affectionate and innocent and fun, and I'm really proud of my sister and her husband - they are doing a great job as parents!

Christmas was great. I always enjoy the entire season but once it's Christmas Eve day, forgetaboutit! Things whip along at a high rate of speed. Lots of family gatherings - some better than others :) Oh and I tore all the ligaments in my left foot - that was fun - NOT!

New Years was really fun. We don't usually do anything special but, aside from an allergy attack brought on my daughter by a friend's cat, we spent the evening with my sister and family and rang in the New Year in high style - hats, party-makers, a count-down, Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" (our new theme song?), fireworks and kids running around outdoors at midnight screaming their heads off.

So far, the best part of 2007 is NO SNOW! I can't believe it, but I am loving it since I know it is up there somewhere... just waiting... to dump on my driveway. Is it wrong to love global-warming? But El Nino (sp?) - bring it on!

I'm not very good at resolutions. I can always think of some: lose weight, be more consistent with scripture readings, be nicer, calmer, more patient, less sarcastic, etc. I think I just need to be "better" generally :) I'm sure I'll keep that one :)

I've been dealing with some betrayal from my Mom. It's very difficult. I'm still too upset to think rationally so I'm just waiting. Waiting for what, I don't know. The concept of it bothers me just as much as the act itself. I'm not sure what to do next, I think that's why I'm waiting.

I'm reading Love and Respect and I am very excited about it (recommended by Blessed Beyond Measure). I have finished two of Francine Rivers and The Memory Keeper's Daughter (recommended by A Chelsea Morning I think). Nothing better than a good read!

Loved the Christmas Season but ready to move on to 2007 - what will happen I wonder?