Monday, January 15, 2007

The Snowman in a Box

It came. I think it really did. And I think it's going to stay.


It snowed, I shoveled, the snow stayed and more is in the forecast (not much more but some).

January 15th. I can't believe it.

Consequently, we have all turned into a bunch of snowbabies. I mean when I was a kid 10 cm (4 inches for the Americans) didn't even fall on the radar. Nobody even thought about it. Now, "a heavy snowfall warning is in effect". I went through the drive-thru at Tim Hortons to get the coffee and one gigantic city snow-plow and at least three local buddies with the plows on the front of their trucks were just sitting there. Are they waiting for it? It's like they're desperate for it :) Although I do know a lot of people count on the snow for a winter-income but snow-removal is seasonal, you've got to have a back-up plan, don't you?

So, just in case the weatherman is right (what are the odds of that?) I zipped out and got milk and bread and veggies in case it does get nasty. Snow is easy, it's the freezing rain and rain and wonky temperatures and people with no snow tires that make it tricky.

And, I can't believe I'm saying it, but wouldn't it be nice if the kids were "stuck home" for a snowday. They would love it.

My daughter got "a snowman in a box" for Christmas and it's been on the counter ever since it was unwrapped. It's such a cute idea. There is a black, felt hat, red scarf, buttons, eyes, mouth and pipe - all we need is the snow. Personally, I was hoping that it would never be opened, but really, how far can I stretch global warming?

So, the skiers and snowboarders are happy, and we found our shovels and snowboots. And the best part - the temperature is supposed to be back up to 9'(c), that's about 48'f and if it's sunny, it will melt away...:)


PS It's snowing now so it looks like the weatherman was right - he probably needs that confidence boost :)


Barb said...

Being a weatherman must be the worst job in the world since they rarely get it right. We have snow here, too. Not a lot, but enough to be pretty and keep my Chelsea wet and messy. She goes out to play in it and I can't coax her back in. :-)

The snowman in a box is such a cute idea. You know, it would be very easy to make snowmen in a box as Christmas gifts for family and friends who live where it snows. Hmmmmm. See? I'm ALWAYS working on Christmas!

Sigh. I think there's just something wrong with me.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Snowman in a box is a great idea! How cute. When we'd make snowmen we'd be digging in the fridge, closets, etc. It's snowing here now too. I'm trying to see it through the eyes of my DIL in Texas, but knowing I have to go out in it to get a much needed prescription, I just mostly wish it was May...