Friday, January 19, 2007

January Monsoon Season

This past Wednesday my weekly bible study group started up again from our "Christmas vacation". We are studying the book of Acts. We were talking about "how do you know when someone is filled with the Holy Spirit?". I spoke up and briefly told the story of Kelli and how hundreds of people were filled with the Holy Spirit and how thousands of dollars were raised. It was so great to share the story.

It is monsoon season here in Atlantic Canada. We are somewhat obsessed with the weather here since if you blink it will change and we're never really sure what the change will be. Five days ago we had a snow storm, schools closed, etc. and then we settled into an unreal deep-freeze (-33'(c) with the wind-shield).

My daughter said "you know Mom, I've never really seen my breath INSIDE the car".

Now it is like a spring monsoon. A huge rain storm with terrible winds and spring like temperatures. We would be buried for days if this was snow so I am NOT complaining - you don't have to shovel rain. But it is so hard to predict the next few hours of the day, you never know what to wear!

It's been a long week. My sprained foot isn't healing and my IBS is acting up - I think it's the stress from my foot. It was so amazing to be part of the Kelli Campaign. And as much as I never want any children to be ill, I was glad of the opportunity to pray for my "blogger babies": Emma Grace and Ashley and their families. Reading those stories from the sidelines show me what real hardship and sacrifice and faith are and help to keep me focussed.

Our church seems to be in a bit of a rut (my personal opinion) and it's hard to stay motivated when we're on the brink of big changes and no one seems to care (at least care enough to attend the meetings).

I loved Barb's and Sarah's posts about reading, books and libraries. I feel a kindred spiritness with those in love with the written word. Titles came back to me: Island of the Blue Dolphins, Enid Blyton books, Anne of Green Gables (my grandmother read the first few chapters as they were a bit hard and she persevered until I read it on my own), the Drina series, Highlights magazine, Nancy Drew (I still have the hardcover set I got through the mail), Humpty Dumpty magazine (my first magazine subscription), and more and more. I spent my childhood with a nose in a book and loved every minute of it. My Mom and Dad both read constantly and I loved being in that environment. When my baby was born, books was the one luxury I never even thought about. I really feel that all children should have their own personal library. I lived in the book section of Costco - still do but now just the adult section. And now I'm happy to say the Chapters is in the top five of favorite outings.

I saw DreamGirls last weekend. Jennifer Hudson and Eddie Murphy stole the show!

I guess I'm all over the place.

Enjoy the weekend and don't forget the blogger babies.


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