Saturday, January 06, 2007

I Want to Be A Wise Man

Today is Little Christmas or Epiphany - the celebration of when the Magi came to visit the Christ child. I learned a couple of things at mass today and I thought I'd share.

First of all, did you notice it doesn't say there are "three" wise men in the scriptures - only three gifts. We have just assumed there were three men. I never knew that.

My priest was talking about how "Christmas is over". How people are tired and ready for regular life to start again. How after this weekend, even the church calendar goes back to "ordinary times". He reminded us that the "temporary nature" of Christmas may fuel a temporary attitude towards God's gift to us - His only son. And that we are called to remember His (Christmas) gift to us throughout the year. That His gift was "made flesh and dwelt among us". It wasn't a temporary or seasonal gift. It was a gift that should last all year long, all life long. A gift that lives on even today, 2000 years later, and He is as real and present now as He was that first Christmas. I never really thought of it that way.

We sang "The First Noel". Our priest is very particular about singing Advent songs during Advent (ie: O Come, O Come, Emmanuel) and Christmas carols during Christmas.

...sing, sing, sing and...

They looked up and saw a star
Shining in the East beyond them far
And to the earth it gave great light
And so it continued both day and night.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

And by the light of that same star
Three Wise men came from country far
To seek for a King was their intent
And to follow the star wherever it went.
Noel, Noel, Noel, Noel
Born is the King of Israel!

To follow the star wherever it went. That really struck a chord with me tonight. If you saw "The Nativity" movie you'll know the scene when the Magi are talking about how many days they have "wandered" (over a hundred). Imagine, wandering around, following a star - I can hardly find the North Star on a regular basis, taking however long it was going to take. And they weren't even Jewish. Jesus wasn't even going to be their King. I mean, I know He was going to be their King, but you know what I am saying.

I guess we are like the wise men - although I shudder at the "wise" bit with regards to myself. Following God's word (like a star) wherever it goes - cause there ain't no road map! I was going to say "ain't no instruction manual", but I guess there is...the bible.

I think I'm going to need a new camel.


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