Monday, June 21, 2010


As I sit here, hopped up on pain killers and muscle relaxants, I am reflecting a bit - although a bit too dramatically and on the side of melancholy...let's just keep that in mind shall we.

Tomorrow is the last grade 10 exam and she will have completed her first year of high school. It's over. Just like that. Time didn't just fly by. It raced by at the speed of light. Amazing. As usual, she was awesome. As usual, I have failed to convey that to her. Not that I haven't told her, just not told her enough or behaved it/shown her enough. Note for next year.

Why am I not content? Why do I compare? Why am I jealous? It's a hard thing - to overcome those tendencies of mine. To keep them in check, in control. It never leads to happiness, much less contentment. Generally frustration and unwarranted, unworthy sadness.

I miss my Dad. Father's Day sucks without a father.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Nights

Last night we did one of my very favourite things to do in the summer. You can actually do it anytime of the year, but in the summer you can do it outside and that makes it even more fun.

We had a spontaneous dinner party.

I was talking to my sister on the phone and she said what are you doing for dinner tonight? I had some trout thawing to BBQ with some veggies and potato skins. She said, why don't you bring that over here, I have a chicken and pickies and let's combine? Perfect. I love it. No big deal. It's not about what the food's about all being together and outside is even better.

So the kids got to be together. That was especially nice for mine since she is in the middle of studying for exams and it was a nice break for her. My BIL is so busy with his business that we never get to see him, much less around the fire pit and drink wine and tea and talk about nothing. After I spilt my tea all over me and my sister and the swing, we went inside to have family movie night, with everyone together. So nice.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here. Bought a new front-loading washer and dryer. First time having new ones so that is exciting. Bought 2 new couches for the living room. No tropical vacation next winter, but we'll be clean and comfy for years to come :)

We either have a rat tunnelling in our flower beds or a sink-hole and at this point we are hoping that it's a rat. A rat can be caught for a lot cheaper than filling in a sink-hole! And while the pest guy (really nice guy) was here, he sprayed inside and out for the ants. That just makes me feel better. Just one small flower bed to be weeded is left and that's it for expected yard work - outside of regular maintenance.

We need an uncomplicated summer as Frank is very busy at work.