Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mother Mary

(Keep in mind my Mom and I are going through a bit of a "patch").

So, I'm at mass tonight. Things are getting started and I'm looking around. We have a statue of Mary in the back corner of our church. When I was thinking about becoming a Catholic, the whole "praying to Mary" thing freaked me out quite a bit (as did having statues in church - good Baptist that I was - that's another post). But now, I see Mary quite differently and have a lot more respect for the Mother of our Lord. So I'm looking at her, seeing that someone has put some fresh flowers near her. Someone must have been asking for her intercessory prayers, I think. Then I start to contemplate Mary as a "mother" and what kind of a mother was she. She was probably perfect and never tried to control her son, right. Never budded in. Etc, etc. Then I remember the story of the Wedding at Canaan. How Jesus felt it wasn't time for His ministry to start but how she knew better and gave Him a nudge AND how He LISTENED and performed His first miracle. How He respected her and considered her opinion.

Right, right. I'm getting it. Patience Sandy. Honour thy Mother. Okay, okay.

Moving along through mass and it's time for the gospel reading - THE WEDDING IN CANAAN.

Was that a brick that just fell on my head? Oh, wait. It's just THE WORD OF GOD speaking directly to me.

Man, it freaks me out when that happens.


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Barb said...

It's amazing when that happens, isn't it Sandy?

You know, having just seen The Nativity Story, which focuses so much on Mary, I somehow doubt that she was perfect. I think that perhaps she even had to stumble through the art of motherhood, like all of us do. I'd say she did one heck of a good job raising her son, though.