Thursday, January 11, 2007


One thing I really like about blogging is that it helps me to keep things in perspective.

On Dec. 20th I ripped all the ligaments in my left foot. Aside from the incredible timing of this little event (and my own version of a Christmas carol I sang out into the night it happened if you get my meaning...), I have now seen that there is no point in any after-Christmas shoe sales since my foot is swollen and I have no idea when it will return to regular size - and it better return. So, here's me, someone who loves shoes and boots. Someone who regular wears the same ones over and over, but really like shoes: new, clean, sleek, shiny shoes. Poor me. I moan, lament, pout a bit - I mean I know it's not really tragic and my husband is openly happy, but I like shoes, what can I say.

So then I am cruising around bloggetyville, making my usual stops and park for a bit over at BooMama's.

And I read about Kelli.

Kelli wants something too. She's praying and directly asking God for it. She wants it bad. So bad, that I want it for her.

She wants to live.

Now that's perspective.

Kelli needs a kidney transplant. She is coping with the medical, financial and family stresses of an impending major surgery that she has to have. She has to have it. She is not ready to leave this earth. She has a husband and two teenagers that need and love her and she wants to live.

BooMama has set up a link for January 16 for anyone to help contribute financially. As always prayers are needed.

I'm not so good with links but I hope I get them right, so if anyone is reading this and wants the information, you can find it.

Kelli has got her priorities straight. And she adjusted my perspective - thanks for that.



Barb said...

The fear that Kelli and her little family are going through right now puts absolutely every single thing into the correct perspective, Sandy. I'm so excited about what Boo Mama's is doing.

Your right of course. All any of us have to say is run see Boo Mama for the details. I seriously doubt there's a single solitary person out here who doesn't know where Boo Mama lives!

Kelli said...

Thank you- from my entire family. Thank you.