Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I Can't Believe It's All Over

So, I'm a little behind on the blogging bit. Just got back a few days ago from holidaying with my extended family. Stressful as expected but I loved seeing my sister and my niece and nephew. Kids grow so fast and every time I see them I am reminded about how much I have missed. But they are turning into wonderful pre-teens, affectionate and innocent and fun, and I'm really proud of my sister and her husband - they are doing a great job as parents!

Christmas was great. I always enjoy the entire season but once it's Christmas Eve day, forgetaboutit! Things whip along at a high rate of speed. Lots of family gatherings - some better than others :) Oh and I tore all the ligaments in my left foot - that was fun - NOT!

New Years was really fun. We don't usually do anything special but, aside from an allergy attack brought on my daughter by a friend's cat, we spent the evening with my sister and family and rang in the New Year in high style - hats, party-makers, a count-down, Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" (our new theme song?), fireworks and kids running around outdoors at midnight screaming their heads off.

So far, the best part of 2007 is NO SNOW! I can't believe it, but I am loving it since I know it is up there somewhere... just waiting... to dump on my driveway. Is it wrong to love global-warming? But El Nino (sp?) - bring it on!

I'm not very good at resolutions. I can always think of some: lose weight, be more consistent with scripture readings, be nicer, calmer, more patient, less sarcastic, etc. I think I just need to be "better" generally :) I'm sure I'll keep that one :)

I've been dealing with some betrayal from my Mom. It's very difficult. I'm still too upset to think rationally so I'm just waiting. Waiting for what, I don't know. The concept of it bothers me just as much as the act itself. I'm not sure what to do next, I think that's why I'm waiting.

I'm reading Love and Respect and I am very excited about it (recommended by Blessed Beyond Measure). I have finished two of Francine Rivers and The Memory Keeper's Daughter (recommended by A Chelsea Morning I think). Nothing better than a good read!

Loved the Christmas Season but ready to move on to 2007 - what will happen I wonder?



Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Hope you enjoy the book - it's a good one. I'm right there with you on global warming, El Nino, whatever. No snow is always a good thing to me. Happy New Year. xoxo

Barb said...

Right after you read the book my sister recommended, read The Memory Keeper's Daughter. I read right through it because I couldn't put it down.

I'm really sorry about the situation with your mother. That's got to hurt, a lot. I think you're wise to just think it over for a while before you do anything.

It's just weird that it's colder and snowier down here than it is where you are. Makes you wonder what's going on with our environment.

Welcome back. I'm glad you had a great holiday but I'm also glad you're back.