Saturday, August 26, 2006


So I haven't been doing too well on my blog. I have been reading others avidly and sometimes commenting, always wishing I was blogging too, but can't really find anything to say.

Then I read Lisa Whelchel's journal entry on blogging and how it can be a record for myself or my family. I don't imagine my family's too interested, but I think I am interested.

We have had an extremely busy summer and I have to go grocery shopping today and start the laundry catch-up, but I think tomorrow I will start again.

10 more days of summer vacation - the kids are getting sad :)


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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I dont know what happened. I guess Blogger ate my comment. What I wanted to tell you was I read someones idea out there - when they have nothing to say, they spend time reading other posts, and it always brings ideas to them. If you just spend some time enjoying others' posts, with a notepad nearby you should have plenty of ideas. And make lots of friends along the way! Spending a morning catching up on the posts in my bloglines feels like a great book with lots of mini-chapters.