Monday, August 07, 2006

Because Nice Matters

I thought I should 'fess up to the name of my blog. So many people have commented on it, and although I'm glad people like the saying as much as I do, I actually found it at a craft sale. At Christmas time we have loads of craft sales and there was this one smaller stall that had plain boards with sayings painted on them. I felt foolish buying it since if I had half a brain I could have done it myself but I didn't want to blatantly copy it - not since I have it hanging over the entrance to my kitchen and I would see it a million times a day and be reminded of my forgery! So there it is. I really like it and I really do think it's important and true. And I'm glad you do too!

I continue to pray for baby Addison and her family and send prayers of thanksgiving for all you who are praying as well. It's amazing that we can all be so directed to the same prayer causes - God can't help but hear us :)!

Check out Boomama's site - she's asking some great questions and she'll have you thinking for a while. Make sure you check out all the comments, people are great at responding.


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Denise said...

Yes, I believe nice does matter. It's so good to get to know some other new bloggers out there. Thanks for visiting my site.