Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Those Southern United States

Being from the north and all (Canada), I have always been fascinated by those southern United States.

I have been to Florida twice and the airport in Georgia (on the way to Florida), but since both vacations centered around Disney World and all forms of Mickey Mouse, I feel I haven't really been "to the south".

I love Steel Magnolias - I have seen the movie over and over and actually just bought the DVD. I loved Designing Women! I wanted to BE a Shugarbaker (sp?). I used think Savannah was my dream vacation location. But now my itinerary has grown and grown.

And the food - all things I know NOTHING about: collard greens, catfish, grits (I mean really, what is a grit and you eat it??). Mint Julips, magnolia trees, sweet tea - WHAT IS SWEET TEA!

The accent - the drawl, how I love it.

And BooMama. I need to go to the place where the things she writes about are true. The comments people make are amazing and I need to be there for myself, to see it and taste it and live it.

Now I know there is no place like home. And I'm a Maritimer through and through. But before I die, I need to get to those southern United States!

Y'all :)


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Barb said...

LOL Sandy. Sweet tea is tea with a LOT of sugar in it.

And grits? Ground from hominy. What's hominy? Dried corn, coursely ground.

Yes ma'am. You should go to the real South someday. It's funny. I've lived in Colorado since 1969. But I was born in southeast Texas and I'm southern through and through. You can take a girl out of the South, but you'll NEVER take the south out of the girl.