Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Busy Doing Nothing

You know when you have those weeks when you've been busy, but when someone asks you what you've been doing, you say "nothin'". It's been like that around here.

The main culprit seems to be the viral lung infection my daughter is living with.

She has this cough. You know, the "hack-up-a-lung, the make-yourself-vomit-in-school cough". Very uncool for the seventh grade :( So, she had it for seven days. And let me say, never in her entire life, has she ever had a real cough.

So finally after a week I thought I should take her to the doc for the "check-up", assuming it was the never-ending cold going around school since grade primary and all would be well.

Wrong. First she was wheezing so hard the doc couldn't even listen to her lungs. So they put her on a mask for 10 minutes and re-checked. Then they sent us to emergency to get a chest x-ray because they suspected pneumonia (which I have since learned my daughter has been exposed to) or whooping cough (with out local outbreak of the mumps, immunizations are in question). In the end, no sign of pneumonia so far and seems to be a viral lung infection (no antibiotics) that will have to work itself out. We have now joined the ranks of thousands and had to get the "puffer". She has a follow-up appt in two weeks and hopefully all will be well. So she is sleeping MUCH better and her head, chest and throat are MUCH less sore.

So that's what I've been doing.

And, oh yeah, 2 weeks ago she went on her 4-day class class trip and we totally re-did her bedroom as a surprise. Very purple!

And then yesterday, we learned that out priest has been assigned a new parish and will be leaving the end of June. Even though we knew it was coming, it is VERY SAD. So I made an appt with him today and we just chatted like old times for about 45 minutes. Now I feel like I've had my time with him and it will help me not feel so bad (I hope) when he leaves. I told him I was going to write him a letter to "say good-bye" because if I did it in person, it wouldn't be fun for anyone - what with all the sobbing and clinging and what-have-you. We know who the new priest will be. He seems nice. I even went to him for confession at Easter and he was great. Very helpful and personable, so I have high hopes - although the negativity is already out there from people who "know him from before..." Why can't people be positive and assume the best until proved wrong?

Oh, and did I mention that it was Mother's Day, the day we spent in emergency. It was a beautiful day though - I could see it from the hospital window :)

Life marching on...


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Barb said...

If you have a child that sick, there's no way you're doing "nothing" Sandy. It's exhausing, having a sick child. I so hope she's better soon. I hate it when they cough like tht - scary.

I'm sorry you're losing your priest. And it's just sad that anyone would say anything negative. It's church, people. It's church. Be nice!