Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finally, the heat has arrived!

Finally some heat!! Some real, honest-to-goodness heat. I'm mean hot. Yes Sir, it was hot today in my backyard.

We had about 8 days of cool, rainy, drizzly, cloudy, enough-already weather. On the upside, the grass sure is green!

But today. Positively hot and sweaty. And of course this afternoon is the time I decided to try out the new lawnmower for the first time. My face got so red it looked like my head was going to pop off my neck.

I went to a Magnificat Breakfast this morning. It was my first time. These breakfasts are held twice a year with the theme being a special devotion to Mary, the mother of our Lord.

Very interesting. As much as I love and honour Mary, I'm not one who has a special connection to her. That's fine. I'd heard about the breakfasts for a long time and I really wanted to "go and see". At these things I have to make myself not get so over-sensitive over the little things. You know, when someone says something that rubs you the wrong way (mostly because of where you are in your own life). I tend to "show them" and shut down and not listen when I get annoyed or frustrated, but I soldiered on and it really was a lovely morning. We sang, prayed and a lady witnessed to us with her conversion story. It is so interesting and inspiring hearing the journeys of others.

One lady there had 10 kids and 30 grandkids, and expecting the 31st in the fall. And that mom-to-be was there and that 31st grandbaby was going to be that mom's seventh child. HOLY SMOKE! And she looked like she was 15. Honestly, tiny and very happy with her basketball bump in her tummy. Amazing!

Well, I'm off to a movie in air-conditioning comfort. With a friend who's highly stressed because she thinks she wants to leave her husband :( I hope the movie's good.


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