Sunday, May 27, 2007


Do you ever think about heaven?

I was thinking about it the other night.

I had always imagined Heaven as a glorious, English garden on a spectacularly sunny, summer day and everyone is wearing white, like in the 1920s. Everyone is there and there is music and in the centre of the garden is Jesus and God on park benches patiently answering all our questions. Sort of like an outdoor garden party/picnic and I'm on the blanket at the foot of God, finally starting to figure it all out.

Then I started thinking about when people die and we say they are in heaven looking down on us. But if I was in heaven looking down on the people I left behind, wouldn't I feel sad because I knew all the answers and they would still be struggling and that would be hard for me to watch? So I would be sad. But you can't be sad because it's heaven.

Then I thought of how it was just God in heaven alone before anything. Before the universe was created, the planets and stars and eventually earth and the Seven Days. Now I think God was alone in heaven because there wasn't anyone else to be there and when there were people, they couldn't go because Jesus hadn't died yet.

But, it was still heaven.

God is in heaven. God is of heaven. God is heaven.

Being with God is heaven. That's it. That's all.

I may still be able to see everyone at the garden party and I may be able to look down on those still living, but I guess those things are only perks.

Some kind of super-natural, connecting at a higher level, non-earthly existence.

I was just thinking about it.


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Barb said...

I think like this, too. The answer I always come up with is "peace and understanding beyond all comprehension."

By the way, not ignoring your email - I just haven't had time to respond. Requires a little research. :-)