Monday, April 30, 2007


Kelli will be having a prayer chain for Heather's upcoming surgery and recovery.

Heather's story is remarkable. Faced with so many challenges, she remains steadfast and firm in her faith, despite her fears and vunerability.

I follow Heather's story very closely. I don't know her personally and she lives a country away but her situation is very similar to one I have just gone through.

I had a friend Melissa. She had three children like Heather. Two girls and a boy, like Heather. Her youngest has autism, like Heather's. She was diagnosed with in-operable, terminal brain cancer, like Heather.

Melissa lived years past her diagnosis and was an inspiration to many. She didn't start her journey with a faith like Heather's, but was very open to and grateful for prayer and God, and in the end, regularly met with a minister.

She spent her last year in the hospital and the nurses and everyone loved her. She stayed positive to the end.

Last week I attended her funeral. It was very sad. But she left such a legacy. I could see it on the faces of people.

These things happen. I am coming to terms with that. As I follow Heather's story I remember Melissa's. Heather helps me remember Melissa's spirit and positivity and fight and resoluteness - to the end.

Melissa always said that she was glad it was happening to her - she didn't want it to happen to any of her family and friends. It was like she took on that burden for us. I could never understand that - how could she be so strong and willing and accepting? So selfless?

I think about Heather and her family and friends a lot. I pray that through their suffering, they are united with Christ and receive God's graces in such a special way.

Please take part in the prayer chain for Heather.



Barb said...

So sad about your friend Melissa, Sandy. And it's a remarkable parallel to Heather's story. Heather's faith throughout this whole ordeal has been nothing short of truly inspirational.

And it's so like Kelli to do this for Heather when she herself is going through a horrible time. So yes, Heather and Kelli are both in my prayers all the time. Praying that Heather's tumor is benign and can be completely removed with damage to her and praying that Kelli gets her kidney soon.

Kelli said...

What a touching post. I'm overwhelmed. And, thank you for posting about Heather. She too is walking the path God placed in front of her.