Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good News

Good news is getting two bills in the mail, checking on them on the computer and finding out you've already paid them.

That's Good News :)



Barb said...

Hi Sandy,

Yes, I love it when a bill arrives and I know it's already been paid but let me tell you, that's rare around here. LOL

I just read your previous post. I hope you're not serious about leaving B'ville. Let people like Heather and my niece, Sarah, minister to you. They're very good at it. The horrible things we learn about in the news hits me hard, too. I almost take it personally. I think a lot of us do.

You shouldn't make any decisions about blogging when you're feeling down or upset. We don't want you to leave. Do what I'm doing more and more here lately - if you don't feel like posting something, don't. Just let it sit.

I wish I could find more hours in my day to visit everyone I follow out here but it's become impossible, there are so many.

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

You know, I was thinking of your previous post, and I have a reader who does not even blog, she just reads and comments, so if youre feeling discouraged about blogging, maybe take the pressure off to write so much (not that you write a lot, you know what I mean) but to go out and be encouraged by the writing of others, and just let that be okay. My commenter, Phyllis, is such a dear, we've emailed a bit and I have loved getting to know her. There are so many uplifting blogs out there, women who are much like you, and they can be a guide to how to get through an hour, a day, a week, a life. If you can look at blogging a a gift you give yourself, whether it's to write, or just to read, it may feel more fun. xoxo