Tuesday, September 12, 2006

You Said He Was Possessed By The Devil

We go to mass on Saturday night. My daughter (M) is an Alter Server and I used to sing in the choir but had to stop so now I just sit and watch her with my heart filled with pride.

My husband does not go to mass. He is a Catholic, I always say he has the paperwork, but he is not a "practicing catholic" and rarely goes to mass. Christmas, Easter, special occasions and M's special services, but generally he doesn't go. This bothers me and M a lot but I always say to say a special prayer and maybe one day he will come with us.

So last Saturday we were out all afternoon and evening so in the end he did come to mass, mostly out of convenience I'm sure, but whatever it takes right?

Last night M was saying how nice it was that we were all in church together and I was agreeing. Then she said, "especially since you said he was possessed by the devil!"


After a few minutes, I figured it out.

"No, no, I didn't say he was possessed by the devil. I said Satan is working really hard to keep him away from church and we have to pray extra hard that he will turn his back on Satan and come to church with us."

"Oh, I took that to mean that he was possessed by the devil."

"Have you said this to anyone?" I asked in a panic. "That I said he was possessed."


Sweet relief!

Lesson: just because they're 12 doesn't mean they will always "get" what you are saying and I still need to watch myself!!!!


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