Monday, September 11, 2006

That Time of Year...

Yes, it's that of year - committee time. The time of year when desire and guilt are in competition for what little spare time you have.

There are the committees that you join out of guilt because no one else has stepped forward and the need is there (so far two at church) and then the committees you join because you want to but really shouldn't because you're already out x number of times for the aforementioned committees (so far one at church). Then there are the groups you join because it keeps your life balanced (my Wednesday morning bible group) and the community service you want to do to contribute to the community life in general (reading programs at the local elementary school).

Since I am at home full-time and my husband is at work full-time, I feel that is my responsibility to manage the "contributions to society" aspect in our division of labour. Truth be told, I always feel I have the better side of things and he seems happy since he's not that keen on socializing outside of work, so it seems to work. Also, I feel as a parent, it is my responsibility to model social responsibility, aka volunteering, to my child, so she will grow up and know the importance and value of it and hopefully do the same.

I did have the inner-strength (because I felt sooooo bad) to opt out of one commitment for the coming year. It's called Rainbows, a program that promotes peer support for children who are dealing with loss, primarily due to divorce or death. I did it for two years and although I think the program is invaluable and I loved the kids, it was very hard for me personally since I am divorced and remarried, and I have very strong feelings about the children of divorce and the life they deserve, regardless of decisions made by their grown-ups. But, you can't do it all, right?

So, I came right home after Parish Council, dug out two old binders and I promise I am going to take a pen and paper to every meeting, Brownie's honour! Donna got pretty peeved that I kept using her pen...


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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

I cant say it ever gets very easy to say no if youre one who struggles with that. I am. I will say looking back I wish I'd said no more and just enjoyed my kids. They grow up so fast, and nobody else can be their mom, somebody else could have run VBS or led Bible Study. Don't feel bad - Be stingy with your time - it's your greatest gift to your husband and children, and they deserve it the most.