Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Not Even Bloggityville is Safe

I was reading the FaithLifts entry today. It was by Lauren. I really like the way she writes. I can always understand her thought-process and usually I can relate her ideas to my life and make me think, and I like that too. So I hopped on over to her blog, Created For His Glory, to check out her latest posts and she obviously had an unpleasant experience and was hurt and unsure of what to do next. If ever there was a capable-sounding woman, it's her - however we are all human and words do hurt (despite what sticks and stones think). I'm sure she'll be fine and she has a strong circle of people who care. But it makes ya think...

I often get overwhelmed by mine and everyone's human-ness. Especially Christian human-nesses. I often feel that God is up there shaking His head wondering WHAT is WRONG with us, WHEN are we going to GET IT, HOW many chances do we need, are we THAT THICK?

Then I get quite afraid that He is going to give up on us (and that means He's going to give up on me) and take his ball and go home.

I KNOW intellectually that isn't going to happen. That I do not know His ways, or time or plan. That these struggles can bring us closer to Him.

I firmly believe that struggling strips us of our created distractions and shows us our weaknesses and strengths so clearly and in fact we have a clearer view of the "me" He created in the beginning, before I cluttered it up with my way of thinking... my "me-ness".

Why do we hurt each other? Why, when we try so hard, does it still get messed up? Not trying is one thing, but when you try to make the effort and still screw up, it's hard to try again. Why do people say mean things? What good can possibly come from making another feel bad? Sometimes I feel Satan is doing his major Happy Dance since things are going terribly wrong - even in bloggityville.

But then, you read the posts of those who truly do care, those who are still trying and trying and trying. That restores my faith.

Not giving up is a sign of faith to me.

I guess I'm rambling. I'm having a major problem with "prayer-block" (like writer's block I guess). I can't get focused. I can't find the point.

I will keep trying. I can do that.



Karla said...

Hi Sandy,
I came over from Lauren's post at Faith Lifts. I always enjoy reading what she writes too. :)
I couldn't help noticing your comment (my husband and I have "struggled" financially since we've been married - 8 years) and I hope you won't mind my coming over to offer a little suggestion (person, actually) that I've found helpful: Dave Ramsey. Have you heard of him? Out of all the financial stuff I've looked at, he makes the most sense to me. The things he asks his listeners (he has a radio show, if you can find him) and readers to do require discipline and some patience, but I really do like his methods.
I hope you're able to gain some peace in this area soon.
God bless.

Barb said...

Ditto what Karla said about Dave Ramsey. My daughter and her fiance just signed up for his class at Fellowship Church. And as to the subject of this post, I was guilty of this very thing this week. I think just about everyone in the world knows that now. It wasn't one of my prouder moments, let me tell you. But it taught me to keep trying, to remember how much we can hurt each other with our words.

You make a very good point here.

Anonymous said...

I ditto what Karla said about Dave Ramsey, I just recently started his Snowball Budget and it's amazing how much it is helping.

You can find his books at the library and also his show on the radio, it's great.

Will be praying for you :)


BTW, you mentioned Celiac disease, my brother in law just found out he has it, you have any good recipes or ideas to share?? Would really appreciate it :)