Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I think modesty is an important subject to band together for. As a mother of a very modest 12 year old girl, who, as of yet, has no interest in boys, clothes, etc., we find it very hard to dress her like a kid. Maybe a challenge is a better word. All she wants is regular jeans, shorts and t-shirts. Because she's not a bean pole, it can be even harder. Can you imagine your 12 year old daughter crying in despair in the changing room because she can't fit into skinny jeans? Her mortification at having to try on size 14 and 16 to get a proper waist size, forget about the 12 inches of pantleg I will have to cut off because the pants are "supposed" to be worn with platform shoes? I have cried with her with frustration and anger at the old man in a tower far, far away who is designing these clothes because no one in their right mind, who saw an average child, would size them this way. And "plus" or "husky" labeling for a tween - glad for the option but talk about slamming a ten-year old's self-esteem!

I have resorted to shopping on-line almost exclusively at LL Bean (sale and regular catalogue), which can be tricky sometimes because of the dollar exchange and not being able to try on stuff on first. But their selection is the best. And Gap's jeans are good too, can be more pricey but a good sale will help.

So far, the least little bit of interest in fashion (and I want her to care) has been devastated in the change room, and we have developed (how pathetic are we) a bit of a victory dance when preference and size jive...

oh...and buy in bulk.



Susanne said...

I'm with you on the frustration. I have 2 girls of my own!

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I thought your site name sounded familiar and sure enough I linked to you thru Barb's name post! Nice to know you're from Canada!

Paulette said...

Hello Sandy,
I wanted to thank you for your comment at Faith lifts today. I appreciate it so much.
I enjoyed your post today, as Modesty is a very big deal in our home as well. The key is to start young, instilling those values.
Thanks again.