Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en

This is the pumpkin that my hubby carved. Didn't he do a good job? The face is "Marshie" from the Homestarrunner cartoon. He's very proud of it and feels it is the bestest carved pumpkin ever!
This is my "Hippie-chick". I figured I better get on the ball and remember to take pictures this year since she is 12 and I don't know how many more trick or treating years are left - maybe none.
She had an awesome time. She did our street with my hubby and then went over to her aunt's and made the rounds with her Dad. A success as always and she's dividing up the loot as I type: the good , the ok and the give-aways. The grown-ups get the give-aways so who's complaining!
This is M's pumpkin "Stumpy" and my tiny toll-painted one stuck in our front flower deck. I'm not such a Hallowe'enie person, Christmas is more my thing, but it was a great night. Perfect weather and the little kids are sooooo cute. Posted by Picasa

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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

My husband always did the pumpkin-carving too. I just could not handle the mucky gooey insides. Men dont seem to mind shoving their hands right in there. I did Easter egg dying which he could abide - fussing over colors, stickers, etc. Hippie chick is oh so cute, and my kids went TOT til they were way up there, 16 or 17 at least. They went in a big group, then came home to chili and trading treats. I usually got dibs on all the almond joys, which I did not even buy this year since I cannot resist them and they show up on my rear....