Monday, October 09, 2006

One of those weekends

Ever have one of those weekends that everything went really well?

This past weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. We had amazing weather - warm and sunny. M spent the holiday weekend with her father so it was just the two of us.

There was a lot of stuff I wanted to do..."to put the yard to bed"... and I really wanted to get it all done. I don't like doing yard stuff in the cold. I don't like doing yard stuff much at all...but somehow I was highly motivated. So this time, I made a list a few days ago and stuck it on the kitchen cupboard for "all" to see so when it was time, it wasn't a surprise. It worked.

We got so much done!! Pruned and composted the birch tree. Dug up, cleaned up and composted my hateful hostis plants - they have minds of their own and are indestructible. Mowed the front and back yard and got it ready for mulching as the leave fall...and fall they will! Moved and re-stacked all the wood. Cleaned out the shed and put the deck furniture away. Changed lightbulbs, fixed the bathroom fan and organized all the "grade 6" pictures to be (finally) scrapbooked.

My husband was a machine. And, we also helped to "close-up" my Mom's cottage with my parents - so we even did a good deed.

My hubby and I aren't very good "house and/or yard" people. We don't like to garden, landscape or anything like that. There are loads of things we'd both rather do. My daughter asked if this year our lawn could be like everyone else' So we got the front yard "green" and put in some low maintenance shrubs and next year we'll make the back more "green and less weedy". It's not any great shakes but it's neat and tidy and cared for.

The best part is when we do something like that, it is really nice to be outdoors and caring for our family home together. It always make me feel like we are a team. I really like being on a team.

And the best part - it's all done!!


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