Sunday, October 08, 2006

TV for good?

There has been a lot of talk lately about Grey's Anatomy. I admit I like the show and try to see it each week. It's on after my girl goes to bed, so I don't have to worry about her seeing it. However, she does see the commercials, as well as all the other commercials for TV shows she (and maybe I) shouldn't be watching. All the talk certainly made me (re)consider my viewing habits...but I'll never leave House and no one can make me :)

So, I started to know, most of the "angst" and "drama" on TV comes when people sleep with people other than their married spouse, or they sleep with someone, anyone, and they are not married at all. Once I started looking for it, it was everywhere. I mean I'm not stupid, but it seems SO blatant. Even "tame" TV, PG, low-key television falls victim. Are we only interested in sex, is that it?

What a perfect lesson. So last week, whenever this came up...on Oprah, Dr. Phil as well as drama TV, the news, wherever, I said "what's causing all of the problems?"

"I know, I know Mom. People are having sex with people they are not married to." Or "They're not married at all and are having sex anyway."

What a great lesson. In addition to our regular conversations, I have "real-life" examples of what can happen if we don't treasure sex and have it only with the person we are married to. Unfortunately, there are usually some examples in one's community and kids talk, especially in junior high, so it's an opportunity for another, much more delicate, conversation. I'm all for opportunities.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not kidding myself. When push comes to shove and my girl is 18 (or whenever) and faced with her first love, who knows what will happen. We'll find out then I guess. But it's nice to know all the "free love" on TV can be used for good as well as evil :)


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Anonymous said...

There really does seem to be a common subject amongst TV, in all different kinds of shows...unfortunately it's true what they say "Sex Sells".

I just watch TV for the entertainment but I do find that lately I'm having a hard time finding a show or movie that I can watch with the kids in the room or around, without having to quickly change the channel, and it's not like I'm watching X rated TV, it's just the day to day shows.

Thanks for a great post :)