Monday, October 16, 2006

Welcome to Sunday Shopping

Not so much has been happening around here. I have tried to come up with something clever or inspiring, but really, it's been pretty quiet.

I have a tilted pelvis. I've known that for twelve years (it happened after I gave birth). But apparently this is a bad thing - I now understand the addiction to pain meds - and I have seen a chiropractor who is amazed I have been walking like this for 12 years but assures me I can be "re-aligned" and all will be well. My mom and two aunts (her sisters) also see him and he says I should ask for compensation for these bad back genes :)

Our provincial government finally caved in and OKed Sunday Shopping. Yep, up until two weeks ago only corner shops, veg markets and some drug stores were open on Sundays. I know, I know - amazing wasn't it. We even had regular votes on it and the "nos" always won. They say the "yes" side was so sure they would win that they didn't bother to vote - never underestimate the power of voting. However, a new minority government and a legal loophole finally "brought us into the future" and the malls and grocery stores and whatever were open and people were there with bells on! Kinda sad I thought. I know hospital employees, essential services and some people have to work on Sundays but I always liked the quiet of most things being closed. My sister lives in Quebec where they always have Sunday shopping and that Sunday is just like every other day - you can't even tell what day is it by looking in the parking lot. I realize that most/all of you have Sunday shopping and that it is quite normal and you probably think we were in the stone-age, but most of us (as indicated by the votes) liked it - and used the "family day/Lord's Day" as our reasoning. I mean really - all the stores were open 6 days a week, usually 8-9 am to 6-10 pm and some were 24 hours. What more do we really need? Anyway, it's a new development for us - obviously people are supporting it and most importantly it's still all about choice - I choose not to go and try to build it into my week that I don't have to. I'm not stupid, I'm sure I'll end up there one day - but I hope I can put it off as long as possible.

One thing did happen recently that was exciting: my back pillow, pain meds and I attended a weekend church conference "The Annual Atlantic Liturgical Congress". There are four Atlantic Canadian provinces, so it is only here once every four years. I have never been to anything like it before. All the Bishops were here, the Archbishop of Quebec (the keynote speaker), and people from all four provinces and even farther away. We had masses, worship services, morning and evening prayer, Eucharistic Adoration, a special dramatic, musical presentation, 2 workshops and 3 general plenary sessions (talks for everyone with one continuing theme). There were fourteen workshops to pick from and I attended "Nourishment from the Word" and "Liturgy Basics/Liturgy Documents" Liturgy is a non-Christian term that has been "Christianized" to mean "the work of the people/the public works of the people". I joined our Liturgy committee this year and although I have some new ideas, I figured I better understand the basics before I charge in :) There were also some bookstores, etc. to visit during the lunch breaks, etc. Our church was selling the CD our choirs made last year.

It was fantastic. My parish has a small congregation and I envy (yes I do) when the bloggy people talk about their bigger churches and all they have to offer, both new and old ideas. It was so great to be with loads and loads of people who wanted to be there and listen and absorb and soak up God and everything about Him. It will be hard to go back to normal next week where the passion isn't as on fire. The youth, the music, the mix of people, the thoughts and the glory was inspiring. Especially since one of the main themes was "keeping Sunday Holy/special/the Lord's Day and why" and we have this new "shopping climate" . I so enjoyed myself and kept praying constantly the God would keep my back in check until I could leave, I didn't want to miss any of the speakers and workshops and, of course, He did! Thanks be to God.

Now I just have to remember that feeling and passion and work it into my daily/family life.


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