Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Christmas Re-organization of the Tupperware Drawer

It's kind of scary and I'll whisper this, in case I jinx it. But I think I'm ready...for Christmas that is :)

I did all my wrapping last week and that always makes me feel better and more organized. Some gifts are even delivered. The Christmas Eve and Day menus are planned and grocery list started. I even got on a bit of a roll and bought the birthday cards for the friends' birthdays in January that if I don't remember now, I will totally forget. And I even bought and wrapped my niece's February birthday gift because I was on a major roll for her and she is going to be 10 and is so easy to buy for as she is a real girly-girl.

Yesterday was a storm day and Marly and I had a great day. Not only did I get the Christmas changing of the beds done and the Christmas re-organizing of the tupperware drawer, but we were able to play (reindeer) games and finish her Christmas wrapping. This year she saved her money and bought a multitude of gifts for family and friends. She has truly discovered the gift of giving. She took her friends' gifts today to school, in case there is another storm day later on in the week, but she had to take them in an over-size birthday bag since I had given away all the Christmas gift bags to my mother...you know...because I didn't need them. The birthday gift bag looked a little off and I tried to lighten the mood saying, actually since it's Jesus birthday...but I don't know if that's going to cut the mustard in the eighth grade.

Unless my husband starts dropping hints, he'll be getting a goat for Christmas thanks to World Vision.

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Chrissie said...

Thanks so much for stopping by, Sandy! It means so much! God bless you as you get those last minute things done for those lovely children - how fun! I probably wouldn't even have as much as you have done as you have if I had kids! I would be playing with them all the time! :) Merry Christmas!