Thursday, December 13, 2007

100th Post

This is my 100th post. And I haven't much to say.

I find this time of year is a roller coaster ride. First you are riding high with decorations, light, music and anticipation, then you start to go down fast when you think about the wrapping and sorting and grocery shopping yet to be done and then you sink when you hear about hard times and struggles that just seem to be "more" because it's Christmastime.

I drive my husband to work everyday so that I can keep our one car at home with me. It works out very well. Not only does it get me up and dressed (I use that word lightly) and coffee-ed, but we only have one car insurance bill and maintenance and less pollution emitted on behalf of my family , etc.

On the way back this morning the radio station that I listen to faithfully was broadcasting from their annual toy-drive in conjunction with the movie theatre who was hosting them and the Salvation Army. Heartwarming. Then I heard about a concert hosted by a local celebrity that will be purchasing cows, goats, chickens, etc. with the proceeds via World Vision. Warm fuzzy feeling. Last night my daughter and I attended the Penitential service at our church and participated in the sacrament of Reconciliation. Good for our souls.

Then I come in to read my blogs and see in Especially Heather about her friend Kate who is undergoing brain surgery and needs prayers for her and her family. Now brain surgery is scary enough - but it just seems magnified happening at Christmastime. My city's homeless citizens are that much colder as the temperatures have dropped. It isn't funny. There is serious tragedy out there and it seems even more serious in light of December 25th.

Many time I pray/wish/hope that my God would just override free will and make it right for these people. I know He won't. That we are to do it through and for Him. To glorify Him and His Kingdom on Earth. How I feel that we are failing Him. How sorry I am to be a part of that failure. But I won't dwell in my failings. I will make myself go on - to continue to pray and do what I can. I know that Christmas Day is a reminder of God's love for us.

Dear Lord, I pray for Kate and her family. For the doctors and nurses. For wisdom and patience and encouragement and good results. Reveal Yourself to them in some way that they will recognize so they will be assured of Your Presence. Amen

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