Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Brunch That Goes Until Suppertime

About four times a year I have Sunday lunch with four good friends. Three of these girls I used to work with and one is the wife of a guy I used to work with, all from the same office.

I love these girls. These are MY friends. We all met when we were just ourselves. Not wives or moms or church committee members or neighbors. We were work-mates who chose to become friends and even though no one still works at that organization anymore, we have chosen to remain friends. We have gotten married, divorced, had children, changed houses and jobs. But we stayed friends. It's hard to stay in touch even though we live relatively close to each other. Lives are so busy and we all have families but we still carve out the time.

When I visit with these women, they want to know about me. Oh yes, they are very interested in my husband and child, our lives, the day to day activity, etc. but if we spent the whole time talking about just ME, that would be fine too. I am the connection to these women, and them to me. Not school or commitments or bible studies or jobs or choir or neighbourhoods. Just me.

It's nice to have a group like that. We talk about parenting and careers and books and being married, being divorced, traveling and whatever we want. We are just there to enjoy each other. We just want to be with each other because we like each other for our girl-selves. We became a part of each others lives when our lives and choices were only our own.

I love them very much.

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