Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Being At Home

I love being at home.

Today is nothing special. Just washing and ironing and straightening up after Thanksgiving dinner. Putting things away and tidying up the house.

I'm trying not to have the TV on as much. I usually do for the company it offers. If I play music, I love it so loud so I can sing and dance, but then I can't hear the phone. So I'm trying to be quiet.

I was putting the big potato pot away in the very back of the cupboard and my sweater got caught in my earring. I could not get it loose! I was desperate. So I went to the neighbor's across the street, praying that she was home and not on her daily walk. She was and freed me and we had a little chat and exchanged apple crisp recipes.

Then I walked home - which is across the street, second house over. A crisp, cool, fall day. Very quiet and still. I was the only person on the street and no one in sight. Everyone is either gone (to work, to school) or tucked up tight inside.

I love being home. Marly is 13 and in grade 8. I don't know how long me being at home will last. My goal is until she graduates from grade 12 (and my personal goal is to stay home forever. It certainly is better for my health).

But I'm loving every minute of while I can :)

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