Sunday, July 30, 2006

Two BBQs

Yesterday I went to two BBQS. One was a going away party for a young guy heading off to university and one was a wedding reception for a newly married, young couple. The day was outstanding weather-wise: sunny, hot, beautiful sky, slight breeze and you just felt great to be outside with friends and family.

However, both of the BBQs highlighted a running theme in my life lately. The better you are at parenting, the sooner and more successfully your children leave you and start their life on their own. It's the only job where, if you do it well, your kids will go.

I imagine I think about this a lot because I only have one child. And I always did want a girl. And I like her. Of course I love her, but I really like the person she is and is becoming.

I know, I know. I want her to leave home after school. Marry a great guy, have a wonderful career, experience motherhood and be a productive and kind adult. And I know that I will be a factor in all that, but honestly, sometimes the success you are as an adult is in spite of your upbringing. You know what I mean? She could just as easily turn out awesome in spite of me, not because of me.

I really hope and pray that we will have a fulfilling relationship when she is an adult. I am her "Mom" and I want to stay the "Mom". I hope we will find a way to be in a compatible, adult-women relationship but I still get to be her Mom.

I have six years before university and I intend to make the very most of it. I love having her with me and that we are so important to each other. Sometimes I feel silly that I feel this way, but I already told the computer-wiz that I plan to follow her wherever she moves :) What's the point of staying here if she's over there :)


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