Sunday, July 30, 2006

House Tour cond't

The dining area - the best thing here is that my almost workaholic husband comes home every night for supper so we always have the evening meal together, even if he has to go back. Lots of good times and bad table manners - if only the table could talk.
Hang a right into the kitchen. The two highlights: a pull-out ironing board (that was in my other house so I stole the idea :) and my under-the counter, flip-out TV screen so I can watch Oprah and Dr. Phil while
I make supper (this past year's Mother's Day gift - I love it!)

The rest of the kitchen is standard. Pumkin Orange and off-white cupboards. Looks so tidy but I haven't been home to use it in two weeks and I think hubby ate out a lot.  Posted by Picasa


Grafted Branch said...

Hi! The name of your blog drew me to your link on the very, very, very long list over at BooMama. Great name.

I like this cantelope color. I've used that before.

crygibb said...

Love the iron board hideaway..very cool. I too like the name of you site...nice DOES matter!

Shalee said...

That is one cool ironing board! And it is so very nice to meet you in this bloggity world!