Friday, January 01, 2010

Think First. Ask Questions Later

The first day of a brand new year. New decade in this case. It's all so new and shiny and full of possibilities. A little scary since all those new possibilities can be the exciting side of new failures, disappointments and bad ideas.

I've been thinking a lot about New Year resolutions. The number of things I want to change about myself. Be the change I want to see. Work on myself, not on others.

I have never done well with New Year resolutions. Mostly I forget about them until it's too late. So if I want them to work, I need to remember them. They need to be short and snappy.

I need only one. Surely I can remember and implement one. One all-encompassing resolution.


I need to think first: before eating, before speaking, before acting, before reacting, before "yes", before "no"... I need to think even before thinking itself.

I'm hoping this will lead to better decisions, better delivery and the slowing down of the words in my head. If I consciously think first, maybe there is a better chance of doing it God's way instead of my way.

Happy New Year.

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