Saturday, January 02, 2010

It Has Begun



We knew it was coming. It came in tiny, annoying storms but was always washed away a few days later. Christmas was lovely and green and easy for travelling. But we knew it wouldn't last. And I do always pray that it holds off until January. Well, January is here and so is the snow.

The snow, wind, freezing rain and everything that goes with it: plow trucks, salt trucks, sand, big boots and coats, gloves, hats, mitts. OLD MAN WINTER HAS COME TO STAY FOR A BIT.

This year I will try and do better. I don't think I will actually be able to embrace it, but I will ty to be more positive and not let the horribleness of the winter months be the major factor in my outlook on life :)

All we have to do it make it to March Break and then we can see the light, the sunlight, at the end of the tunnel.

And so, with newfound dtermination and optimism...

Isn't it beautiful

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