Saturday, September 29, 2007

A New Dress

My blog has a new dress. Not a designer one. Just off the rack, like hundreds of others I'm sure. But I did get to pick the size and colour. So that's fun. A bit more me.

Facebook is all the rage. My friends do it. My daughter and husband do it. They even made a page for me. So I surfed around a bit. Did some looking to see who I could find. But you know, even when I did find people, Facebook tells you nothing like blogging does. It's quick and easy. There is no soul. Not like in blogging. In blogging you can actually get to know a person - what they like, what's important to them, what's going on in their day-to-day life...and recipes...and cleaning tips. I think I'll stick to the bloggosphere - I like it there.

Today I made Vietnamese Salad Rolls. I have loved them for years but was intimidated by them. Isn't that stupid...being intimidated by food?? They looked so complicated to make. But then last week I just decided I would make them. I went to the asian grocery store and had a lovely chat with the lady there. She gave me some really good tips. So this afternoon Frank and I got very organized and made them. Just like that. And they were really good. Just "this close" from being as good as in the restaurant. Imagine, I could have been making them and enjoying them all this time instead of wasting my time being afraid of trying something new...wondering if I could do it. Lesson learned! Life is too short! I think this fall I'm going to be a bit more empowered - to "just do it" and stop thinking so much.

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