Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Decent Tan

Aside from the memories and the first, decent tan I've had in years (I'm a true red-head), summer vacation is the distant past. We're back at it.

And so far, with great success.

The first day of school went very well. The home-ade, blueberry muffins for breakfast were tasty, the custom-made roast beef sandwich was a hit at lunch, all 500 lbs of school supplies were lugged on the bus and now safely tucked away in the clean-I've-only-had-it-for-one-day-locker, the new clothes met the junior high standards and the new hair-straightener-from-the August-birthday was surprisingly easy to use.

Best of all, the best friend is in the the class and the boy-we-hate-the-most (he's-just-a-huge-pain-in-the-neck) is not. Well done!

I had breakfast with two girlfriends to celebrate/mourn the first day of school (their kids are gone) and we had a lovely catch-up visit. I love going out for breakfast. Nothing fancy, just bacon and eggs. But I think it's one of my most favorite meals.

Went to the first "meeting" of the fall last night. They're starting up Alpha in the fall and asked me to be a small-group leader. I was very keen at first and now not so much. Over the summer I had forgotten about the "politics and red tape" of church. There are no meetings in the summer, just mass. Just God I should say... Anyway, I forgot how frustrated certain conversations leave me and I almost canned the whole thing. Then I decided to keep this commitment, not for what I could offer them, but for what the experience of service could do for me and the Lord, and vowed to think very carefully about future opportunities and to speak softly and slowly (low and slow) and not jump in. My first instinct is to say YES because everything sounds like such a good idea. I need to think first. That doesn't mean I'm less enthusiastic or keen, perhaps it's just a bit more, dare-I-say...mature...approach.

The weather has been fabulous. Sunny and clear and warm. The leaves are just starting to turn. Thank goodness they become so beautiful otherwise there would be nothing good about this change of season.

The bloggers have been very inspiring lately. Getting grips on homelife and all the different challenges. Scrapbooking is my big focus this fall. I have cleaned off and readied my "area" and I have also downloaded the pictures from the summer into various albums. Now I just need to sort and print and I'll be good to go. I'm feeling quite optimistic about the whole thing and I am actually looking forward to it and not dreading the chore/task.

Well, I'm off to my orthodics appointment. Yah - orthodics, not exactly good news for someone who loves shoes. At least I'm having coffee with a friend first.



Kathleen Marie said...

I haven't had a decent tan in years but it does sound nice. Living up here there is not enough summer to get a tan and when you see someone with one you know it's a "fake and bake" tan. lol!

It sounds like you had a great day.


Scratchin' the Surface said...

Sounds like a nice start to the school year. You inspire me to get those photos sorted on the computer, then printed out and into some books. xoxoox