Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One Week Left

Well, we have one week left of summer vacation.

It's been quite a ride. Every summer seems to be great and I think they can't get any better...but they do.

A few days ago, we got home from visiting relatives in Cape Cod. Now, coming from Canada, Cape Cod seems so exotic...what with the Kennedy Compound and all. We had an awesome time and the Cape was nothing like I was expecting. First of all, it was much bigger than I thought. There were a lot more towns and commercialism than I thought. And there were many more people than I thought, loads in fact. We went to Chatham, Eastham, Provincetown and Sandwich. I loved it all. My husband has ancestors from the Mayflower and era, and we found two 1600s cemeteries with his relatives in them. The next day we went to Plymouth Rock, The Mayflower and Plymouth Plantation (where we found more "living" relatives). It was great. And we were visiting my real-life family in Mattepoisett, Mass. at their summer home which I had heard about for years, and now finally had a chance to visit. They have kayaks, a dingy and cruiser-type boat, so we had a lot of fun.

We hit Target in Bangor on the way home and found the greatest sales ever on kids' jeans, etc. - I can see why Target is so addictive. We also went to LL Bean and Harry & David's in Freeport.

We took my Mom with me as she always complains that she never gets to go anywhere. As we talked the 14 hours to Mass. I realized that she has been to lots of places - on this continent and others - and there is no need for me to feel sorry for her and that she just has a selective memory (or as I like to call it: Creative Memory Recall, CMR).

Now we have one week left. One week to squeeze out fun in the sun. At the same time I am trying to get ready for school and the fall routines without feeling like everything is over.

My husband is in his third and final week of vacation. I am so pleased for him, he seems to be having a great break from work. Time for family and time for on his own. Time to be productive around the house and time to goof off. We've even had dinner and pool time with a friend of mine and her husband. I have been loving that. My husband is a homebody and we don't do couple things too often. He goes back to work after Labour Day.

I am very grateful for this summer and the free time I have had. My health seems to be quite good - although I don't want to jinx it. I haven't gained the "Summer Seven" (the traditional summer weight gain). My husband and daughter have had a good time. My daughter turned 13 and I didn't have too bad of a meltdown :) She even saved up half the cost of an Ipod, which she REALLY wanted for her birthday, and we were very pleased with her efforts. She's such a good kid. I really have to relax and relinquish some control this fall. She's definitely earned it. How to stay close emotionally/spiritually and let go physically - that is the question.

I have decided to not shop this fall until Christmas - except for if I find a bathing suit on end-of-season sale and a pair of waistband-free jeans that I saw in the Land's End catalogue. Even books - that's what libraries are for, right?

I was asked again to be a Team Leader for the Alpha program this year and this time I said yes. I can't believe I did. Thank goodness my womens' morning group will be studying prayer this fall as I will need to be much more disciplined as I beg for help from our Lord :)

I am pledging to be a better housekeeper and cook this fall, to complete my scrapbooking projects, be more thrifty/frugal, and to keep the basement from looking like a bomb has set off. I think generally to make the most of my few years left at home as I am sure that as soon as Marly graduates from high school I will be expected to go back out to the real world. Sigh - I like it at home. It's more peaceful and safe-feeling and much less stressful - which is very good for my physical and mental and emotional health.

However, summer has been good to me and my family. And I am ready to embrace the fall with a smile and enthusiasm.

Peace out!


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