Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'm home...again.

It's August and I'm almost done. The frantic, on-the-go part of summer vacation. I think I have been gone on and off all of July - without husband for all of it and without child some of the time.

Marly's band camp, PEI with my mom, sister and all the kids, Freeport shopping with my sister, the 65th birthday weekend with my sister for my mom, surprise 40th birthday party for my best friend, and just being at my parent's house...not necessarily in that order. Made it to church twice and met the new priest AND I think I'm going to like him AND I think we will get along :) The Pastoral Associate/Assistant - the jury's still out on that.

Tomorrow I am hosting a small girls' get-together here with friends I haven't seen forever and although I am beat, I am really looking forward to it. Except the grocery shopping that needs to be done pronto!

And then I am home. Oh, there are dentist and doctor appts, and a couple more extended- family visits and hopefully a short, long-weekend-type family get-away, but I should be sleeping in my own bed on a full-time basis and seeing my husband and child quite regularly. And the eagerly awaited school supply shopping trip is in the very near future - school we can wait for, but new school supplies are exciting!

And of course, my girl's 13th birthday! Sigh - where did that come from???

Speaking of my husband, a big shout-out to my techno-geek. He has been on his own for most of the month and this past weekend has done all the parenting and also mowed the lawn and cleaned the house for my girlfriends. What a guy! I'm starting to feel quite guilty and a bit spoiled. I think he likes the quiet of being on his own for a bit, but I think he misses the chaos in life I tend to bring :)

I am looking forward to August being a bit slower, and more restful. I don't want summer to be over before I know it, so I'm glad of the time to enjoy it more peacefully.

I really am very fortunate. The summer is the time I can really visit with my sister and niece and nephew and really re-connect with them and my husband is so great in giving me the time to do that, even if it means leaving him on his own as I bounce around and drag my girl with me. We definitely make the most of summer vacation and I generally feel quite satisfied at the end of it, when we are staring school in the face, that we have embraced our summer months with all the vim and vigour I can muster.

Here's to one more month!!


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Scratchin' the Surface said...

A girlfriend luncheon - good for you! I was just at one yesterday, and they just do your heart good. xoxoox