Saturday, March 10, 2007

Half cat/half butterly all passed in.

It's finally here. After weeks and weeks of waiting. Through freezing cold days, nasty weather, unexpected thaws only to plunge into the cold once again. Dark mornings, rushed days and TV shows missed because they're past the bed-time.

March Break has arrived. Nine days of bliss: a weekend, five days of no school and another weekend. How glorious is that!

I have a 12 year old who has been waiting for March Break almost as eagerly as she waits for Santa.

That last week of school was a doozy - a social studies test, a math test, language arts presentation and a science project all due and all in french no less.

The dining room table is cleared of the paint, brushes, modeling clay, wooden wings and shoe box that created the "half cat/half butterfly in it's natural eco-system". The lunch box and knapsack have been stowed away and there is not a school agenda in site.

Sleep-overs are planned, three days with Grammie and Grampie, an extra night with Dad, a night at a hotel with friends and family and a big St. Patrick's Day dinner are all part of the festivities.

But do you know what the best part of March Break is...THE BREAK!

no alarm clock setting

no "official" bed-time

no piano practicing

no missing the favorite TV show and having to have it recorded (what a rough life)

no homework or studying

being able to have peanut butter for lunch (we have a peanut/nut free school)

no trying to remember gym days or band days

There is so much potential, endless possibilities ahead of me. Oh...did I say "me". I meant "her". Yeah, that's right, "her".




Barb said...

Around here, it's called spring break and even though my girls are grown, I still love it. It means Mandy's out of school, too, and I'll have more time with her. Believe me, she and all her teaching co-workers love spring break, too. :-)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

My daughter, the teacher, is on spring break this week. I expect all the teachers and kids will come back refreshed, ready to finish out the year.