Sunday, March 18, 2007

The End of an Era

It was a great March Break. Probably the best one my girl has had aside from the ones when we went somewhere by plain or train. The best one at home.

She spent time with both Grandmothers, had wonderful sleepovers and our night "downtown" in the hotel was awesome. We had an ice-storm and what a great place to be, watching it happen around you while you are in the pool, hot-tub and sauna. Now she's at the championship basketball games that are being played for the last time in this province. After 24 years, the games are moving to Ontario. People are sad, bu SMU made the playoffs so we're going out with a bang!

But...isn't there always a but :) A time of great transition here as well. The closing of one door and the opening of another...the end of an era.

My 12 1/2 year old daughter did her first clothes shopping all by herself and Mom was just the person who had the wallet.

My girl seems to be a bit of a late bloomer, compared with the other girls. Not interested in boys, clothes, teen magazines, etc. She has discovered the radio station with the current music, not the one Mom permanently has dialed to the 80s music. As I write this I do realize she's only 12 but some of the girls seem to grow up so fast. I have really enjoyed having her be a "girl" when she still is a "girl".

Anyway, during the break she mentioned to me that she would like to go to a certain store to look at a certain top that the girls in her class were wearing. I was so excited for her. Just to see her peek out into this whole new world. She had tried on the top in another mall with her friend (her first trying on with no adult present) and wanted to see it again. So off we went. She is so focussed - I remember it well. She went right to the shirt, tried it on again and showed me. My heart flipped. She looked so different - she seemed to age right before my eyes.

But you know what - it was OK, I was OK. A little sad, knowing that my girl was changing, getting ready for her teenagehood that will start in August. But I was excited for her. And for me. I knew this girl so well, I was excited to see who she would be as a teenager.

So we bought the shirt and went to another store. Again very focussed. Didn't need me in the changing room. In fact, I spent the time managing Grammie who was doing what Grammie's do best - embarrass the child. I remember it well :)

Success again, wallet out and off we went, home with my pre-teen. I was proud of her. She wasn't extravagant, didn't beg for more, knew the cost of the clothes and made smart choices. As I looked around the second store I saw so many little girls wanting the clothes - they looked like they were only 7 or 8. I was glad it us took this long to get here. That somehow my girl knew when she was ready and didn't mind being a little girl when she wasn't. That she was ready to start growing up but wasn't rushing it.

That little girl will always be in my heart. Soon I will meet a new girl, a teenager. I know I will love her, I just hope I will like her :) Deep down in my heart, I really think I will. Her heart is good and kind and I know she is going to be a terrific person. I think I have done some personal growth lately, because I'm not freaking out or in mourning. I am looking forward to the changes - for me and for her.

The Circle of Life...........................................


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