Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our New Nativity Scene

This year we have a new Nativity Scene! Normally we have two other ones. A beautiful stained-glass scene that my best friend gave me, piece by piece, over many years. It's truly lovely. And we have a painted wooden one for "kids" to play with and re-enact the big night. But this year, as my daughter was going through the Christmas boxes, she found this Christmas craft I had bought a few years ago. You know, for a time to do a leisurely Christmas activity - like that would ever happen - obviously not, since it was still in the book. A Nativity Scene for her to punch out and put together like paper dolls. She did such a nice job that I thought we should use this one this year.

So I've been thinking a lot about Christmas lights on trees: coloured or white. The question has been going around on holiday memes. Actually I find it quite fascinating, which string people choose. I have always thought that the choice in Christmas lights is sort of a reflection of oneself- you know, like how your house is decorated, how you dress, etc.

For example I am a very casual person - casual in house decor, casual in dressing, casual in attitude (casual in that I am very accepting of and very interested in other people's ideas and points of view, even though I generally have definite ideas and personal opinions about most things). Going to the grocery store in sweats doesn't bother me. People seeing me in my pjs doesn't bother me (I have nice pjs). Going to the grocery store in my pjs doesn't bother me :) I love colour. Colour in life, nature, people, everything. Although I am an adult I would never call myself a grown-up. I don't look my age (and have been known not to act it on occasion :) I have coloured lights on my tree and outdoors. Now, I grew up with that, but it definitely suits me. I am not a white-light only person.

I love the white-light people that I know. But generally speaking they are much more particular about what they wear and generally appear to be more mature than I. Maybe all white lights scare me. Like white walls and white furniture. I could never live in a white house since I could never be myself in it - I'd be too nervous. But I would admire it and those able to be comfortable in it. I would wish I could do it, but know that I couldn't. When I see all white, I am waiting, like it isn't finished, like it's only beginning.

I love this question and I love to look at people's Christmas trees and homes and see how they are extensions of those who live with them and the stage of life they are in.

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Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Sandy, thanks for your sweet comment on my site today! I loved this post you wrote about "white light" people. We grew up with colored lights, but my husband is a lights snob:) So we have all white lights, but I always tell him that our neighbors with the colored lights are a bigger hit with the neighborhood kids! I think I like a little of both :)

Owlhaven said...

Love the nativity scene-- how very fun!!!

Thanks for stopping by my place!

Overwhelmed! said...

What a great nativity set! Thanks for sharing a picture of it with us.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and see my 2006 Christmas Tour of Homes decorations! I do appreciate it!

Merry Christmas to you!

Mrs. G said...

You can mix coloured lights and white lights on your tree :)