Thursday, September 10, 2009

"It's getting colder every morning" (Marly leaving for the bus)

Today is the 6th day of High School. So far things are going great. Marly is really stepping up to the plate. Not that she wouldn't have stepped up before, it has just never been required of her. She is taking her classes and homework very seriously. She has had two Student Council meetings and tonight is the first dance. As part of SC, she is part of the set-up committee. She has even recruited her two best friends to help, so that will get them involved as well (they tend to hang back). She looks forward to her International Foods/Healthy Living class every day. She is loving it. They cook every Friday. She was placed in Advanced Science - surprise to us! It is a challenge but I think she is liking the class and the challenge. She is more than capable, but you still have to do the work. Today is PINK DAY - part of the anti-bullying campaign started in the valley a couple of years ago. She is loving the freedom of HS, ie: leaving the school grounds at lunch. Two piano lessons under her belt and synchro starts next Saturday. She is off and running. Here's to a good year...

Please God - get those braces off!!!

The weather has been spectacular. I know I talk about the weather but it's a big topic of conversation here. Unbelievably sunny and warm EVERYDAY! The beginning of fall is always so beautiful.

We had a nice Labour Day weekend. Mom came in for a night and we were tourists in our own city: Peggy's Cove, Fisherman's Cove, the Public Gardens. So beautiful.

This weekend is our last "free" weekend. Frank has a "golf" day tomorrow with work. Marly and I are having a girl's supper - Japanese :) . On Saturday Marly has a friend's birthday sleepover after church.

It's back to Mass for her. She had a slack summer church-wise. I, on the other hand, had my best summer attendance to date. It's her Confirmation this year. Her last year of religious ed. Can't believe it - time goes so fast. I know I will cry :) That will really impress her I'm sure :)

Yesterday I had a "perk up your house" day. A new pillow for the couch for the pillow cover that Mom brought back from Turkey. New shades for old bases for a "new", MATCHING set of lamps in our bedroom. Moved my 50s Pill Box hat lamp from the bedroom to the livingroom for all to see. I decorated a wreath form with autumn coloured beads for a fall, front door decoration. The jury's still out on that one. It looks like a wreath with beads on it. Janet said "is that the look you're going for?" I'm not sure yet. It sparkles in the sunlight but just looks like beads on a wreath otherwise.

Well the dentist awaits. How I hate the dentist :( Odd for someone whose teeth are fine and always have been. I shake so much he said "it's like killing Bambi". The only good thing is that I am too afraid to not go. My greatest fear is a root canal which I have never had and don't even know what it is - it just SOUNDS awful. At least they are SO nice to me and my nerves.

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Liz said...

Marly is such a precious name! I just love it!