Saturday, February 03, 2007

Six Pieces of White Bread

I have a very good friend who has been on a weight loss program for the last several months. It's a program that custom-designs a weekly meal plan based on the foods you like to eat. It also manages the carb, sugar, water intakes. She has weekly weigh-ins and emails me every Friday with her results.

She has done fabulously well. Lost 45 pounds with only 15 to go. It has been fun watching her shrink and her confidence and pride grow in knowing she finally saw the truth and is doing something about it.

This past Friday she emailed and wasn't as excited as she usually was. She had only lost .25 lb and only lost 1 lb in the last two weeks and was getting ready to re-focus and take charge once again.

I was a bit surprised as she claimed sugar was her downfall and it was the enemy. I emailed her back and said I thought you weren't eating any sugar, what did she mean.

She replied that in the last couple of weeks she had "fallen off the wagon a bit" and last Friday had eaten six Cadbury Thins chocolate bars and last Tuesday had eaten six pieces of white bread.

I thought it funny that eating the six chocolate bars didn't faze me ONE LITTLE BIT but I was shocked at eating six pieces of bread at once.

I guess it's all relative :)


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Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Maybe ONE piece of white bread, now and then, would keep her from wanting to eat half the loaf? Just a thought......