Sunday, December 17, 2006

BooMama's Bloggy Christmas Tour

Welcome to our home. We are almost ready for Christmas. Our tree is not very big but we really like it. This year it is decorated with all the ornaments we have, except all of my beautiful Christmas balls. We used the balls last year and it was lovely but my daughter missed all the ornaments that had all the stories behind them. Can't blame her. To the right are our stockings that my Mom needle-pointed for us - my sister's family have matching ones. My mom is very organized and plans ahead!
This ceramic Christmas tree belonged to my Grandmother. She used it when she was done "with the hassle of a real tree". Somehow, I was lucky enough to inherit it. My sister made these carolers for me a couple of years ago. She made the mom and little girl when it was just M. and me and when I re-married, she made the father. They always sing around Grannie's tree (it lights up, you just can't tell :)
This is my stained-glass Nativity scene that my best-friend gave me over the course of many years. It is truly beautiful and I love it so much. I always pretend that I am the Little Drummer Boy that is in the front. I know he wasn't really there that amazing night but I can identify in so many ways with him..."what can I give him? I can give him my heart".
This is just a collection of decorations I have amassed over the years. I had quite the snowman collection going for a long time. This is one of my best ones. He sits on the wall and watches everyone who comes into the house. I purchased him and the wooden Santa at the same Christmas craft fair. I couldn't decide between them and stared at them for the longest time, trying to rationalize having both. The owner of the booth asked me if I was OK since I was taking so long to decide. As you can see I bought both and could barely fit Santa in the back seat. The little village is actually a 3-D puzzle set that M. puts together every year. I got it at Wal-Mart one year after Christmas for $5.oo - score for the Boxing Day sales!

I don't really like to decorate. All the boxes and lugging and taking down and putting up. But I do love to live in a house that is Christmassy - especially things that light up. Every night I turn out the lights and just sit in the glow of the tree and my little snowman that lights up and the glowing caroler tree. Last night I even found battery-operated tee-lights so I don't have to think of/remembering the lit candles. That's technology!!! But the memories that come to life during the unpacking of the decorations are one of the best parts of Christmas. Memories of people, places and things of Christmasses past - it helps me stay connected to what and who are really important.

Thanks for stopping by - I love company.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyful New Year!



Gina said...

You have some beautiful unique decorations with special memories! I too have things from my grandmother which I treasure.

Lindsey @ Enjoythejourney said...

I liked that stained glass nativity, how unique! Merry Christmas!

Barb said...

Your Christmas things are beautiful, Sandy. I love your stained glass nativity. And I think the little drummer boy is perfect in front of it. That's my all time favorite Christmas song.

The stocking your mom made a so pretty. Thank you for letting us visit. This is all so warm and cozy.

Debbie said...

Lovely decorations! I would have never known about the Christmas village. What a great buy! Merry Christmas!

palmtreefanatic said...

Nice decorations! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Susanne said...

I love that stained glass nativity! Just beautiful!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

I love your stained glass Nativity and your tree is very pretty. Your New Nativity pictured below is very beautiful! Thanks so much for having me over. Have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

palmtreefanatic said...

nice decorations!
I was reading your profile....I LOVE 80's MUSIC TOOO!!!!:)

Blessed Beyond Measure said...

Your ceramic tree is just like the one we gave my MIL when she got past putting up a regular tree. Perfect for her, and youre blessed to have that one with the memories it brings. I love, love your carolers, but more just getting a peek at where you call home. xoxoox

Kelli said...

Your stained glass nativity is beautiful!!! Thanks for having us over and Merry Christmas!

Judith said...

I love that your decorations each have a story of their own. Had never seen a stained glass nativity scene. It's beautiful. And yes, wouldn't it be so wonderful if we could be the little drummer boy, even for a moment. Merry Christmas!

Judith said...

Yes, Nice matters, very much. It was nice, your taking time to read what I've poured out here.

I wouldn't worry too much that you're not living your life enough. I get the impression you seize every moment you can.

Your putting yourself where the little drummer boy stood tells me you are much aware of what matters: us, and God.